Battlefield Study can take many forms and the STAFFRIDE Team will work hard to create the study or staff ride that is ideally suited to ensure that the desired training outcomes of individual units or headquarters are met. We know that study activity before and after the exercise itself are important and we offer resources, guides and academics at every stage. 

Planning Assistance and Advice
The initial phase of selecting an area to study and the planning and administration of any Staff Ride or Battlefield Study can be complex and for the uninitiated fairly daunting. The STAFFRIDE Team are well versed in the complexities of financing, planning and delivering a battlefield linked study period and we are very happy to share our experience with our clients. We pride ourselves in offering end to end advice and support to every unit to headquarters that selects us to support their Battlefield Study. 

We believe that a thorough Recce is critical to the success of any Battlefield Study and advise an accompanied Recce for Exercise Directors and/or Project Officers - we can build the cost into the overall exercise costing.

Assisted Research
Part of the process of resourcing your exercise itinerary is the location and selection of source material from archive sources. We can provide academic support to unit project officers and can arrange accompanied visits to relevant archive locations. This in turn will support the creation of an exercise reader and the generation of a tailored question set that focusses study activity exactly where you want it on every stand.

Educational Resources
The STAFFRIDE Model includes provision of an Exercise Reader and if requested, a Question Set, both of which are produced in close consultation with the Unit Project Officer.

Reading Lists
Once you have settled on your choice of campaign STAFFRIDE will furnish you with a pre-deployment reading list. Our reading lists give a brief synopsis of each nominated title, its ISBN number and advisory notes on the range and depth of of the content.

Pre-Deployment Study Days
Most military study groups complete some form of study phase prior to embarking on their exercise, a practice that we strongly support. Such study periods ensure that maximum benefit is gained from the field study phase of your exercise. STAFFRIDE can provide guest speakers, academics as well as period weapons and archive material to your Study Day.  

Weapon Handling and Range Days
If you want your group to really understand the weapons of your chosen study period we can arrange a range day in the UK. Over the course of the day we will brief you on the technical aspects of the weapons and your group can then handle and fire period weapons from black powder to Cold War. This pre-study activity really does enhance any battlefield study period and adds an experiential dimension to your study or Staff Ride, not only will you have walked the ground, you will have smelt the cordite!

Guides & Academic Support 
Our team of Battlefield Guides and Academics are extremely experienced and have worked across the full spectrum of battlefield study activity whether that be with cadet units or the General Staff. The number and mix of guides/academics is entirely dependent on the level of activity required by the client. 

Post Exercise Study & Reflection
We are happy to support to any post-exercise study activity and can provide academic support on request.