Planning Considerations

1.    Identify Your Learning Outcomes
Before you begin to consider which battlefield you intend to visit it is advisable to clarify your commander’s intent and what learning outcomes you wish to achieve. Once you have set these outcomes we can then consider which battlefield destination will best meet your study requirements.  Our battlefield destination matrix s
hows our core of study destinations and the discussion subjects that can be explored on the ground at each location.

2.    Consider the desired tempo of your Staff Ride
Closely linked to clarifying the commander’s intent and defining the learning outcomes for your exercise is the need to set the tempo for study activity. This will inform any decision on the provision and number of Battlefield Guides and Academics for the exercise and any pre-deployment study days or research. Clear direction on tempo will allow us to shape the content and set the pace of your exercise itinerary.

3.    Funding & Clearances
With a study destination identified the next major planning consideration is that of finances. The level of funding available to the Project Officer will potentially have a direct affect on the number of personnel able to take part in your study.  Clearance from your chain of command and diplomatic clearances for travel should also be secured at the earliest opportunity. As an established battlefield tour operator we are familiar with AGAI 23 application procedure and the UK MoD funding process for battlefield study.

4.    Study Resources
With funding secured we can begin to consider the resources required to deliver your desired learning outcomes. These may range from research in relevant archives, the creation of an exercise reader to support your stands, provision of a reading list, generation of a question set and ideally, a pre-deployment study day. If required STAFFRIDE can also arrange a group range day in UK firing the weapons from your chosen study period.      
5.    Travel Administration
The STAFFRIDE Team will take on the administration of your exercise. Our office staff are well versed in sourcing and delivering flights, ferries, coaches, hotels and access to relevant museums or historical sites. We will do our utmost to look after your group and your exercise from beginning to end. STAFFRIDE is protected by Faraday Insurance, TTA Membership Q4872 and ATOL No T7616

To see a matrix of locations and relevent subjects  click here

It is not always the case that BS organised within the “system” are the best value for money or indeed the cheapest. As part of the business case, organisers may choose to explore the benefits of engaging a tour company to undertake much of the travel, accommodation and feeding arrangements. They regularly employ ex-military staff who will instinctively know what is required and will be able to pitch the Study at the relevant level. They also have access to linguists to assist with translation, and will relieve the organiser of much of the administration burden during the Study – fixing minor glitches along the way, rather than the necessity for an admin officer with bespoke transport. Such companies will also be able to supply guides and advice on preparatory materiel and may well negate the need for an expensive reconnaissance. There are both good and indifferent companies, so it will pay to do some research and to adhere to the normal rules of competition. The engagement of a civilian company should in no way reduce the investment made by the participants in their Preliminary Study. 

Annexe C to AGAI Vol one Chapter 23 Paragraph 2 - Dated June 14