Selecting Your Study Location

The selection of your study location is absolutely critical to the success of any Battlefield Study or Staff Ride for a wide variety of reasons. Ideally we are all looking for a campaign that offers us the opportunity to combine stimulating historical subject matter with spectacular terrain. The STAFFRIDE Team can advise you a broad spectrum of study destinations and the subject areas that the campaigns fought there offer for examination and discussion. Our core subject matrix gives an initial outline of some of the areas that can be exploited once on the ground in the respective campaign locations. It must be remembered of course that in addition to the headings identified, the full range of generic subjects such as Logistics, Medical Support or the Law of Armed Conflict can be included in a study programme or Question Set at almost all of these locations.

Campaign Study Content
The table below is an outline guide to assist in the initial selection of the best campaign or battlefield to suit your desired outcome. Once you have an idea of which potential destination is most likely to deliver the desired learning outcomes and/or the discussion that you intend, we can then create a bespoke itineraryto meet you needs. It should be borne in mind that any STAFFRIDE itinerary could include a unique Question Set designed to stimulate discussion and frame debate at designated stands. Question Sets can be focussed on specific Staff Branches or functional areas from G1-G9 these will be formulated in advance of deployment and traditionally compliment the historical content and terrain of each selected stand. The STAFFRIDE Team is happy to advise on the suitability of each location, the composition of your itinerary and the creation of a stimulating question set that will meet your needs.


Role Forces
Agincourt x   x       x   x x
Ardennes x x x   x x   x x x
Arnhem x x x x   x   x x x
Berlin x x x     x   x   x
Dunkirk x x       x x x x x
Gallipoli     x     x x x x  
Budepest 1945 x x x           x x
Italy 1914-18     x   x          
Malta           x x x x x
Monte Cassino x   x     x   x x x
Gothic Line  x x x x x x   x x x
Normandy x x x x x x x x x x
Salonika     x     x x x x x
Sicily x x x x x x x x x x
Verdun     x   x     x x x
Waterloo x             x x x
Western Front 1914-18 x   x     x x x x x
Palestine Campaign 1917-18 x   x   x x x   x  
Walcheren 1944/45 x x x x x x x     x
Baltic States  x x x x   x     x