“There is a merit to visiting historical battlefields that no amount of theoretical study can replace. Educationalists recognize that participation is the key to learning, and field study – with its unique and unutterably poignant mix of battlefield, cemetery and memorial – talks to both intellect and emotion. This is not an optional extra: this, surely, is core business.”
Professor Richard Holmes, 13 Jan 2010 
The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR) would like to thank Battle Honours for their support in planning and running the first RGR battlefield study to Gallipoli. Gallipoli is an important battle honour for the Gurkhas, with 2 specific actions standing out in the history books.

The sites of these actions are off the beaten track and the details not very readily available, yet through careful preparation and research and close cooperation the trip did full justice to the Gurhka involvement in the campaign.

Flexible, knowledgeable and very well connected, Battle Honours supported us with whatever we asked of them - from aspirations to hack through the undergrowth following the exact footsteps of our antecedent regiments, to boat trips, to some very unusual meal requirements!  

Our 3 guides (a published academic, an ex army officer and a local Turkish guide) complemented each other perfectly getting the right balance between academic context and relevant military detail. Hopefully this inaugural Gurkha trip has paved the way for many more.
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